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Updates Summary: August 2023



Hi all! We’ve recently been toying around with the blog feature as a way to provide updates in an easy to find place right on the landing page of the site. So far it’s been a way to share the release of new podcast episodes.

But a lot of other work goes on behind the scenes, particularly with our artist biographies. So with this new functionality, we’ll try to provide a monthly roundup of some of those changes!

Tag additions to illustrator bios
Tags can be more precise than the standard search function, and provide a way to categorize information. OVGA recently enabled the tag feature on our illustrator bios and has begun adding tags that our members may find helpful

New Illustrator Biographies

Illustrator Biographies with Major Updates

Illustrator Biographies with Box Art Catalog Changes
OVGA has now enabled comments on illustrator biographies. We will use these comments to identify newly discovered material or changes, in addition to actual bio edits.

In these monthly updates, we’ll also try to mix in tips on how to use the site and some of its functionality you may not know about.

Throughout the site, you may have noticed a Follow button on a number of pages. The Follow button on the OVGA Blog page here gives you options for being notified when there has been a new blog post. Similarly, you can opt for alerts when specific members add art to the OVGA gallery or when a new illustrator has been added to the database.


We'll try to make these kinds of posts on about a monthly basis, whether on new content we've added or shining a spotlight on existing functionality you may not have realized existed. See you next time!


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