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New Usage Categories (Dec 2023)



Watching the site’s usage grow has driven a handful of updates to our menus and categories as well as tweaks to a few settings.

  • We have added a new primary Usage category for Animation Art
    • Most video game-related cels and animation drawings can go here
    • When adding Animation Art to the site, use the name of the animation studio for the artist name (i.e. Don Bluth Studio, Madhouse Studios)
  • Usage is now limited to one selection when adding artwork, so select the primary usage, even if the piece had multiple. See a few examples below:
    • If your painting is box art but was also used in magazine ads or for other promotional uses, select Video Game Box Art
    • If you have a preliminary piece for a magazine cover or a game’s box art, select Preliminary Art
    • Unreleased/Unused box art can still go under the primary Usage of Video Game Box Art, but also select the Secondary Usage Unreleased/Unused
    • If an animation cel (or art in that style) was used for a game’s box art, the category Video Game Box Art might be a good choice (instead of Animation Art)
    • Things like book, comic, soundtrack, VHS, and puzzle art can all go under Other Usage. We have some Secondary Usage categories to sort covers and interior work
  • Preliminary Drawings has now been renamed Preliminary Art
    • Use this broader category for all prelim work, including color comps
    • Generally, this art should be something created as a preliminary step toward the creation of a final painting, including unused designs
  • Concept art such as for game design or character development will often go under Other Usage rather than Preliminary Art (since it wasn’t a prelim intended for published use)
  • Modern/Commission Art is a new Secondary Usage category. If you’ve bought a recently created piece from a retro artist, whether it was explicitly commissioned or not, those pieces would be marked as Other Usage with Modern/Commission Art as a Secondary Usage
  • The old System category of PlayStation/Xbox has been split into two separate categories PlayStation (All) and Xbox (All)
    • Art for Xbox, Xbox 360, and so on can all go under Xbox (All)
    • Likewise, original PlayStation, PS2, PSP, etc can all go under PlayStation (All)
    • If a game was released on both PlayStation and Xbox systems, select both
  • System may not make sense for all categories or pieces added to the site
    • For box art paintings or prelims, definitely mark the System(s) on which that art was used
    • Likewise, if you have a magazine cover that features a game for a specific system (like Phantasy Star 3 or Stunt Race FX), those may make sense for a System selection
    • For most Animation Art or Other Art (including Modern/Commission Art), it may make sense to leave System blank


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