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  • OVGA - Original Video Game Art

    Original Video Game Art (OVGA) seeks to raise awareness and appreciation for original video game artwork and responsible artists.

    OVGA’s website stores two databases, one for cataloging art and the other for indexing artist information. The site also features a forum for in-depth discussion on collecting as well as artist appreciation and attribution, while serving as a resource for questions on art conservation, storage, and framing.

    The content on OVGA is compiled, created, and moderated completely free of charge by a group of collectors passionate about video games and original artwork. We do our best to properly attribute credits to all artworks and artists in our database. If you notice a credit is missing or given in error, or if you are aware of more accurate information, please let us know so that we can correct it.

    As collectors and enthusiasts, many of us share a passion rooted in our childhoods, whether for the games themselves, our memories playing them, or even the ones we lusted after but never owned. Original artwork for something familiar, something we knew or grew up with, provides a nostalgic hit in a way that nothing else can. Original illustrations often offer an uncropped, fuller, and more vibrant image.  Without obstruction from logos and copy text, original illustrations shine and entrance their viewers, just as the original boxes and package illustrations did so many years ago on the shelf. Images ingrained into us as kids.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing original illustrations for the games we remember.

    OVGA Founder:
    When I was introduced to the world of original video game art, I was ecstatic at the opportunity to see original paintings in their full glory for games from my childhood.

    Sadly, I found there was no definitive resource for Original Video Game Art, no one place enthusiasts could visit and take in the artwork. The images that were out there were scattered across social media platforms, forums, and other websites, often without attribution or with limited information or context. I made it my goal to develop a website and bring it all together. Giving credit where credit is due, OVGA is thankful to the Facebook Group “Original Video Game Artwork Collectors,” where collectors have gathered and shared their passion in recent years.

    OVGA is my way to give back to this community that has given me so much over the past years. For most collectors, our passion for this hobby is not merely limited to just collecting but includes the relationships we build along the way.

  • OVGA Staff

     Fights trolls and strives to get OVGA's goals achieved 🛡️

    Chief Curator
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    Fiendishly researches art while whipping OVGA’s records into shape 🏹

    Senior Curator
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    Provides specialist expertise in video game art and helps manage the OVGA collection; gives adventurers swords ⚔️

    Media Producer
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    Expertly weaves visuals to craft captivating and immersive content 🗡️


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