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Updates Summary: August 2023

Hi all! We’ve recently been toying around with the blog feature as a way to provide updates in an easy to find place right on the landing page of the site. So far it’s been a way to share the release of new podcast episodes. But a lot of other work goes on behind the scenes, particularly with our artist biographies. So with this new functionality, we’ll try to provide a monthly roundup of some of those changes! Tag additions to illustrator bios Tags can be more precise than the stand


Sanford_US in Curator

Video Game Art: What It Is and Why We Collect It, By Jeremy Buzash

From cartridges to complete-in-box to sealed games, prototypes, signage, kiosks, and even clothing, there exists a vast wealth of niche sectors in video games that collectors can delve into when building their sanctuaries of gaming paradise. As someone who was born in the late 1980s and grew up in the Pokémon card era, I had a natural inclination for collecting things. When I first ventured into video game collecting, it was on the heels of a comic book collection that I had built on and off sin


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OVGA Podcast Episode 1 Out Now!

Watch the inaugural episode of the OVGA Podcast, which delves into the captivating world of original video game artwork collecting. In this exciting premiere, join our four passionate hosts as they introduce themselves and share their love for original video game artwork collecting.         

How To Strengthen Tracing Paper Sketches

Tracing Paper Backing Support I found myself being very careful "as one should" when handing, sketches that are on tracing paper. At the same time, due to them being translucent, you don't get to fully enjoy the artwork drawn. So I started to add a backing support that strengthened and improved the viewing of the pieces. Hope you find this guide helpful. Step 1: Supplies Transparent Photo Corners - You could get these in white, but I think the transparent ones are best. Heavy Hig

Storing Artwork: A Guide

When I started collecting art and the pieces piled up, a concern of mine was what is the best way to store artwork safely. Storing your art is vital to protecting them from damage, so here are some temporary and long-term options.   Portfolio Presenters Think of these like photo albums for your artwork. These come in two options, a fixed and ring binder model. Fixed Portfolio The fixed portfolio presenter has bounded polyprop sleeves with black acid-free paper inserts. So you can
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