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  • Ken Steacy (b. 1955)


    Ken Steacy is a Canadian comic artist who illustrated X-Men box art for Sega games.

    OVGA has included below Ken Steacy’s full known box art catalog:

    1. The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Hypnotic Harp a.k.a. Victor Vector 3 (Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corporation | Macintosh, Windows | 1993)
    2. The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Cyberplasm Formula a.k.a. Victor Vector 4 (Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corporation | Macintosh, Windows | 1993)
    3. X-Men: GamesMaster’s Legacy (Sega | Game Gear | 1994)
    4. X-Men 2: Clone Wars (Sega | Genesis-USA | 1995)
    5. X-Men 2: Clone Wars (Sega | Mega Drive-EUR | 1995) repurposed art from Gamesmaster’s Legacy
    6. X-Men: Mojo World (Sega | Game Gear, Master System | 1996)

    During this period, Ken Steacy was the X-Men artist of choice for Sega releases. In addition to illustrating the box art for X-Men 2: Clone Wars, Ken was responsible for promotional art for the game. Ken also illustrated the would-be box art for the canceled Sega 32X game X-Men: Mind Games. Outside of X-Men work, Ken’s relationship with Sega included promotional art for the U.S. release of Beyond Oasis.

    In addition to the two above listed Victor Vector & Yondo CD-ROM games, Ken also illustrated all three covers for a limited Victor Vector & Yondo comic book series. Ken does not appear to have illustrated the box art for the first two CD-ROM games, despite his involvement in other aspects of the games’ art.

    Ken Steacy

    Ken Steacy (b. 1955)
    Born: January 8, 1955, Canada
    Nationality: Canadian
    Location: Victoria, Canada
    Education: Ontario College of Art & Design University
    Known For : X-Men Sega box art
    Years Active: 1993–1996

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