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  • Steve Lang (b. 1960)


    Steven Patrick Lang is an American artist who specializes in fine western art, though he began his career as a commercial illustrator where he illustrated video game work, extensively and exclusively, for San Francisco bay area-based design firm Beeline Group, Inc. 

    For Beeline, Steve created dozens of game pieces over less than a 10-year period for box art, arcade cabinets, and promotional use; Steve also played a pivotal role creating layouts and compositions for game art that other illustrators would paint. In 1996, anticipating that the demand for illustration would diminish with the rise of computer graphics, Steve made the decision to make the leap into fine western art, though he likely continued to illustrate commercially, including for Beeline, for a handful of years.

    Of Pawnee and Cherokee descent, Steve always had an affinity and love for western art. The Native American has always been Steve’s favorite subject matter. However, to fully depict the legacy of America's western heritage, he also focuses his creative energies on cowboys, cattle and ranch life; early mountain men and explorers; U.S. Cavalry and pioneers; and wildlife and landscapes—all done with a historical emphasis. Steve sold his first western painting around 1998 to what would later become the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    Steve is largely self-taught but took two years of college with a major in art at San Jose State University in California. He has signed some pieces “Lang OPAM,” with OPAM being an acronym for Oil Painters of America Master. Steve’s western paintings are represented by The Plainsmen Gallery in Dunedin, Florida.

    OVGA has included below Steve Lang’s full known video game box art catalog:


    Steven Patrick Lang

    Steve Lang (b. 1960)
    Born: May 23, 1960, Bad Kreuznach, Germany
    Nationality: American
    Location: Marina, California
    Education: San Jose University
    Years Active: 1992–1998

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