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    Val Semeiks

    Valdis Semeiks, born in the U.S. to Latvian parents, has been an integral part of the comic book industry since 1986. Primarily known as a penciller, with occasional forays into inking, Semeiks made his professional debut drawing King Kull back-up stories for The Savage Sword of Conan. This opportunity catapulted him into a monthly gig on Conan the Barbarian, marking his full-time commitment to comics after leaving his day job.

    Transitioning to DC Comics, Semeiks embarked on extensive runs on The Demon and Lobo, collaborating closely with acclaimed writer Alan Grant. His tenure on Lobo, characterized by its uproarious and irreverent tone, was particularly memorable, highlighted by projects like the graphic novel Lobo/Judge Dredd: Psycho-Bikers vs. The Mutants from Hell, co-written by John Wagner. Semeiks's dynamic artwork was enhanced by the skilled inking of John Dell.

    Moving to Marvel, Semeiks contributed to various titles, notably leaving his mark on Wolverine under the penmanship of Larry Hama, his inaugural editor who kickstarted his career. Returning to DC, he tackled projects such as JLA and DC One Million, written by industry luminary Grant Morrison and inked by Prentis Rollins.

    Throughout his career, Semeiks has demonstrated his versatility, spanning genres from superheroes to fantasy. Noteworthy endeavors include his work on Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight and The Legend of Drizzt series, showcasing his ability to bring gritty crime drama and epic fantasy to life with equal aplomb.

    In addition to his comic book work, Semeiks has collaborated with Disney Publishing Worldwide, adapting Marvel characters for early-reader books. His distinctive style, digitally painted to suit Disney's aesthetic, introduces young readers to iconic superheroes in a fresh and accessible way.

    Beyond comics, Semeiks has dabbled in various artistic endeavors, including cartoon work for MAD Magazine and toy design. His unique background, with degrees in chemistry and math, underscores his unconventional path into the world of comics, driven by a lifelong passion for drawing and storytelling.

    As Semeiks continues to contribute to the comic book landscape, his dedication to the craft and boundless creativity ensure that there are many more exciting projects on the horizon.

    Val Semeiks

    Val Semeiks

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