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  • Scott McDougall (b. 1954)


    Scott McDougall is a self-taught American illustrator and artist who has been working professionally since 1972. His first commissions were in 1970 doing hand lettered and illustrated concert posters, and while he is known most recently for his similarly executed Grateful Dead illustrations, in between he left a permanent stamp on video game history.

    Based in Seattle, Washington early in his career, Scott got work for Nintendo, including for the 1985 flyer for Nintendo's VS. Unisystem and later for Nintendo Power magazine, where he illustrated the 1994 covers for volumes 58 and 62, depicting respectively Wario Land and T-Hawk from Super Street Fighter II.

    Scott illustrated the iconic cover art for the North American release of Super Punch-Out!!, depicting Mr. Sandman, Bald Bull, and Super Macho Man, the three initial champions in the game.  For the SNES, Scott additionally illustrated the cover art for The Irem Skins Game as well as Raya Systems titles Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus and Packy and Marlon. Scott also illustrated the cover art for the NES and Game Boy releases of Hammerin' Harry, released only in Europe.

    Scott McDougall

    Born: March 20, 1954
    Nationality: American
    Location: Hiouchi, California
    Education: Self-taught
    Known For : Super Punch-Out!!
    Years Active: 1985–1995

    Additional Images

    Super Punch-Out!
    Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus
    Packy and Marlon

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