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    Sam Weber is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who weaves texture and tension into enigmatic dreamscapes. Using a mostly muted palette punctuated by deliberate swashes of color, Weber blends painterly layers that evoke both the sweet and macabre. These morbid elements do not detract from, but add to, the allure of stories he paints for a range of clients that include The New York Times, Rolling Stone, TIME, BusinessWeek, Men's Health, the Progressive, Tor Books, Vertigo (DC Comics) and Random House.

    “I've always enjoyed trying to hide my process,” Weber admits, “not because I’m secretive, but there’s a little bit of illusion, that sense of magic.”

    His journey toward illustration began in Deep River, Ontario. Though Weber was born in Alaska, his father, a scientist, moved the family to Canada to work for the Canadian Forest Service when Sam was young. Built around a nuclear research facility, the Deep River was home to many international professionals. “I had Chinese and Greek friends; friends from all over the world,” he says.

    Greg Newbold's Art Blog includes an insightful write-up of Sam's work and process following a demonstration Sam did in 2011 at Brigham Young University.

    Sam Weber

    Sam Weber
    Nationality: American
    Location: Brooklyn, New York
    Education: Alberta University of the Arts; School of Visual Arts in New York (2005)

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