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  • Roko (b. 1953)


    Roko is the pseudonym of Brazilian artist Osnei Furtado da Rocha. Osnei works in two distinct styles, signing separately for each: younger, more cartoon-styled works and projects for children are signed “Osnei,” while illustrations for a more adult audience are signed “Roko.” Beginning in 1993, Oseni (as Roko) began approximately a 10-year run working on video game magazine cover art for Brazilian publisher Nova Cultural. 

    His work can be seen on the covers of SuperGame (Sega focused) and GamePower (Nintendo focused) in 1993 until the merger of the magazines into SuperGamePower (SGP) in 1994. He would create art for SGP until at least 2002, but likely 2003. As Roko, he also illustrated cover art for Nova Cultural’s PlayStation-focused publication SGP PlayStation Magazine. Combining both traditional brush and airbrushing, Osnei worked in a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, gouache, ink, and Ecoline liquid watercolor. In later game works for Nova Cultural, Osnei rendered his illustrations in pencil, with the finals then colored and finished digitally, possibly by longtime associate Argentinian artist Hector Gomez.

    Osnei aka Roko has no connection to Detroit-based artist Tony Roko, who also signs and uses the name “Roko.”

    Osnei Furtado da Rocha

    Roko (b. 1953)
    Born: October 12, 1953
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Location: Londrina, Paraná, Brazil
    Education: Vocacional Barretos (1971)
    Known For : Brazilian video game magazine cover art
    Years Active: 1993–2003

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