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  • Masao Koga 古賀 マサヲ (b. 1957)


    In 1976 Masao Koga enrolled at Nihon Kogakuin College located in Kamata, Ota Ward, Tokyo, with the initial intention of pursuing a career in filmmaking. However, he closely observed the gradual decline within the film industry and, after a year, decided to change course and pursue the arts.

    Upon completing his studies at Nihon Kogakuin College of Art in 1978, he embarked on a journey of diverse experiences. He took up various part-time roles, including cleaning airplanes at Haneda Airport, serving as a gas station attendant, delivering vegetables, and even cleaning building windows.

    It was in 1981 he found his creative calling, delving into the realm of illustration within design studios and film production companies. As his skills flourished, he took the significant step of becoming a freelance illustrator in 1988...

    Koga has a surprisingly large video game oeuvre, though much of it was Japan-only, such as art for a number of PC-98 releases. Notable exceptions include Granada for the Genesis/Mega Drive and Thunder Spirits for the Super Nintendo, each of which used Koga's art for all global releases.

    OVGA has included below Masao Koga's full known box art catalog: 


    Masao Koga

    Born: December, 1957
    Nationality: Japanese
    Location: Okawa City, Japan
    Education: Nihon Kogakuin College, Tokyo, Japan
    Known For : Thunder Spirits Super Nintendo

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