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  • Mark Stutzman (b. 1958)


    Mark Stutzman is an American illustrator best known to gamers for his work on the Crazy Taxi series. Outside of video games, Mark’s work is well-known in the entertainment business; on Broadway: Young Frankenstein, The Musical, Annie Get Your Gun, and in the mystical realm of David Blaine and his event "art" posters. He has created artwork for movie products and premiums for Batman, Jurassic Park, and Space Jam, as well as book covers for Steven King, and is an acclaimed playing card artist. With a client list topped by McDonald’s, DC Comics, MAD magazine, The New Yorker, Nickelodeon, Rolling Stone, Microsoft, Time, and Esquire, he's had the opportunity to influence many worlds through his illustrative works.

    OVGA has included below Mark Stutzman’s full known box art catalog:

    1. Space 1889 (Paragon Software | Amiga, Atari ST, DOS | 1990)
    2. The Punisher (MicroProse | DOS | 1990)
    3. Challenge of the Five Realms (MicroProse | DOS | 1992)
    4. TacOps (Arsenal Publishing | Macintosh, Windows | 1994)
    5. Crazy Taxi (Sega | Dreamcast, Windows | 2000)
    6. Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride (THQ | Game Boy Advance | 2003)
    7. Hot Wheels: Bash Arena (THQ | Windows | 2003) the back box art image is included on Mark’s website; he presumably also painted the front box art

    Mark painted Crazy Taxi with watercolor (underpainting), gouache and airbrush. Mark would paint most of his works in watercolor and then refine the gradations and enhance the color with airbrush on the final layer. He did not illustrate the Dreamcast box art for Crazy Taxi 2.

    Mark D Stutzman

    Mark Stutzman (b. 1958)
    Born: March 28, 1958
    Nationality: American
    Location: Oakland, Maryland
    Education: Art Institute of Pittsburgh (1978)
    Known For : Crazy Taxi (Sega Dreamcast)

    Additional Images

    Crazy Taxi Dreamcast Box Art
    Hot Wheels: Bash Arena Back Box Art

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