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  • Kenny Yamada (b. 1956)


    Kenny Yamada has been a freelance artist for the Walt Disney Company for three decades. He grew up in Lodi, California, has always loved Disney and started drawing Mickey Mouse and other characters when he was three years old. Kenny realized his dream of creating Disney artwork in 1992 when he was hired to paint a poster for the opening of the Euro Disney Resort; now Disneyland Paris. Kenny’s freelance work included a small number of game boxes, many of which he signed “Kenny Y.”

    OVGA has included below Kenny Yamada’s full known box art catalog:

    1. Magic Sword (Capcom, SNES, 1992)
    2. Dragon’s Lair (Data East | SNES | Feb. 1993) Not the NES art
    3. Dragon’s Lair (ReadySoft | 3DO, DOS, Jaguar, Sega CD, Windows | 1993) Art different from SNES
    4. Lost Vikings (Interplay | Amiga CD32, DOS, Genesis, SNES | 1993)
    5. Dino Dudes / Dinolympics (Atari Corporation | Jaguar, Lynx | 1994)
    6. Serf City: Life is Feudal (SSI | DOS | 1995)
    7. Dragon’s Lair (Capcom | Game Boy Color | 2000) Repeat image

    While Kenny’s first game box appears to have been Capcom’s Magic Sword, his first game illustration may have been a 1991 ad image for the Game Boy release of Mega Man II. This ad art sold on Heritage Auctions on September 11, 2020.

    Kenneth Yamada

    Born: March 31, 1956
    Nationality: American
    Location: Anaheim, California
    Education: University of California, Berkeley (1978); Academy of Art University (1982)
    Known For : Dragon's Lair
    Years Active: 1991–1995

    Additional Images

    Dragon's Lair SNES

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