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  • Hiroshi Kajiyama 梶山浩 (1964–2018)


    Hiroshi Kajiyama was a designer, illustrator, and Japanese manga artist. He created characters for the beloved JRPG franchises Shining Force and Dragon Master Silk. Early in his career he worked under the name Kensuke Suzuki, which is presumed to be his birth name. His works in this period are heavily Western-influenced in style (such as Dragon Warrior II for the NES) and in stark contrast with his later, more anime-like style and character design, all of which he signed under the name Hiroshi Kajiyama.

    Blog posts on VGDensetsu document many of Hiroshi Kajiyama's works.

    Of his 1992 Shining Force Gaiden illustration Hiroshi Kajiyama 梶山浩 said:
    I created this picture bearing in mind the image of posters for the action films in the old days. The color arrangement and composition of the picture are not sophisticated, but I believe that because this picture is active and, therefore, attracts attention, it may be effective in advertising the game. The finished picture is somewhat more like a poster for an animated film rather than an action movie.

    A major issue was how to efficiently use the dynamic composition of the main illustration. Since the colors of the logo were light, it was a series of trial and error in harmonizing the colors of the main illustration and the peripheral frames.

    Of his 1993 Shining Force Gaiden II illustration Hiroshi Kajiyama 梶山浩 said:
    My big goal on this project was to bring out a new image while keeping the connection to the previous story. The most difficult point was harmonizing the logo with its surrounding frame.

    In making this illustration, I emphasized two points: expressing the energy of the characters for more variation while keeping common points as a package in the "SHINING FORCE II" series and representing the game story.


    Hiroshi Kajiyama 梶山浩

    Born: 1964
    Died: July 12, 2018 (aged 54)
    Nationality: Japanese
    Known For : Japanese Game Gear Shining Force releases

    Additional Images

    Shining Force Gaiden Box Art
    Shining Force Gaiden II Box Art

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