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  • Gary Meyer (1934–2021)


    Gary Meyer was a prolific illustrator and concept designer. He initially worked as a technical artist and illustrator in the electronics and aviation industries. He began his career as a motion picture production illustrator with Universal Studios and then opened his own studio to consult as designer/illustrator on such motion pictures as Star Wars, Day of the Locust, Star Trek: The Movie and The Thing. He painted posters for Das Boot, Jaws 3D and other films, and album covers for such recording artists as Chicago, Jackson Browne and The Jacksons. He also served as design consultant for Universal Studios' Jurassic Park: The Ride, Back to the Future: The Ride and Porto Europa’s Seafari attraction. Gary received many awards and distinctions throughout his career, including two gold and one silver medal from Illustration West, a Lifetime Achievement award from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, and first place in the Key Art Awards.

    Gary Meyer graduated from the ArtCenter College of Design with a BFA in illustration in 1959 and later served on ArtCenter's faculty for more than 30 years, actively teaching up until weeks before his passing. Prior to attending ArtCenter, Gary proudly served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1952–1955 where he achieved the rank of Sergeant. He also worked as a civilian artist for the U.S. Air Force Art Program in the 1960s.

    In 2003, Airport Journals did a fantastic write-up on Gary's aviation illustration and the planes he captured in his work, including some of which were for video game packaging.

    OVGA has included below Gary Meyer's full known box art catalog:

    1. Choplifter II: Rescue Survive (JVC Musical Industries, Inc. | Game Boy | 1991) Japanese Back Box, Cartridge, and Manual Art; may have been created for another purpose and reused for this game box
    2. Wings 2: Aces High (Namco | SNES | 1992)
    3. Cobra Command (Data East | Sega CD | 1992)
    4. Operation Thunderbolt (Taito | SNES | 1994)
    5. A.S.P.: Air Strike Patrol (Seta U.S.A., Inc. | SNES | 1994)
    6. F/A-18E Super Hornet (Titus France SA | Windows | 2000)

    OVGA has included images of all of Gary's known video game illustration work in our database; these images were sourced from Gary's website and other online resources.

    Gary's son, Allan, offered the following:

    By consistent hard work, Dad had the incredible good fortune to have two complete careers in one lifetime: working in L.A.’s entertainment industry in the ’70s and ’80s, and then as a teacher beginning in the ’90s. When he had enough of the characters and big personalities that worked in the recording and motion picture industries, he returned to his alma mater as a teacher. Dad always expressed gratitude for the students enrolled in his classes, because ultimately it was the students who made his teaching career possible.

    Gary Meyer

    Gary Meyer (1934–2021)
    Born: May 13, 1934
    Died: February 16, 2021 (aged 86)
    Nationality: American
    Education: ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California (1959)
    Years Active: 1991–2000

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