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  • Bill Vann (1940–2011)


    William VanHoogstraat, known by his students and friends as Bill Vann, was a St. Louis, Missouri-based illustrator best known for his sports illustrations. Dubbed the "Godfather of Illustration" by his peers, Bill spent more than four decades as a self-employed commercial artist commissioned by some of the nation's top companies and as a mentor to generations of St. Louis-area illustrators. Bill’s extensive sports work included a small handful of game boxes in the 1990s.

    OVGA has included below Bill Vann’s full known video game box art catalog:

    1. Awesome Golf (Atari Corporation |  Lynx | 1991)
    2. Checkered Flag (Atari Corporation |  Lynx | 1991)
    3. Best of the Best: Championship Karate (Electro Brain | DOS, Game Boy Genesis, NES, SNES | 1992)
    4. Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing (Virgin | Game Boy, Genesis | 1992)
    5. World Trophy Soccer (Virgin | Genesis | 1992)
    6. Super Slam Dunk (Virgin | SNES | 1993)

    William VanHoogstraat

    Born: 1940
    Died: December 5, 2011 (aged 71)
    Nationality: American
    Education: Washington University (1962)
    Known For : Best of the Best: Championship Karate
    Years Active: 1991–1993

    Most Popular Bill Vann (1940–2011) Artwork

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