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  • The Combatribes Advertising Art (Pencil and Color Prelims) for Super Nintendo SNES

    Description: Pete McDonnell is responsible for this rather infamous ad art for The Combatribes in the form of a single-page comic that declares "Cyborgs Ain't Ladies!!"

    The only originals of Pete's that survived were one 11" x 14" pencil prelim and three color prelims (each is a photocopy of the final inked lines with original colored markers added on top: one is almost fully colored and two are just a single panel). Pete additionally turned up photocopies of an earlier draft or two, where there are differences to the comic text. Who'd have guessed that the first draft of "THWAAAK!" would have been "BOK!"

    Pete also included a signed double-sided flyer of the ad. While the front matches the ad that was published in magazines in 1993, the back has a game description, key selling points, and information on marketing support and pre-release media coverage. That info indicates the game would have been advertised from January through April 1993, including in GamePro, EGM, Nintendo Power, and Game Informer. As the flyer includes sales rep contact info for American Technos, the flyer was likely made for trade shows like CES.

    Year: 1992 
    Medium: Pencils on vellum (transparent paper)
    Image Area: 11" x 14" 
    Image Source: Original
    Condition: Very good

    The Combatribes Advertising Art (Pencil and Color Prelims) for Super Nintendo SNES

    Additional Images

    Color prelims and other material
    Published ad

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