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  • Superman: Man of Steel 2002 Xbox In-Game Loading Screen Art x4


    Description: These four images, all penciled and inked by Tom Raney, were done for loading screens before various levels in the 2002 Xbox game Superman: Man of Steel.

    The "Main Image" is titled "B13 Satellite in Earth’s Orbis" and features art of Superman flying toward a B13 Satellite, one of Brainiac 13’s satellites.  This art was used for the loading screens for Mission 20 (Satellite Survival), Mission 21 (Control of the Skies), and Mission 22 (Inside the Machine).

    Additional Information on the Additional Images:

    • Mongul’s Guard on Warworld - features art of a guard for Mongul’s prison on Warworld.  Used as the loading screen for: Mission 11 (Project Liberation), Mission 12 (The Puzzle), Mission 13 (Mongul’s Revenge), and Mission 14 (Mongul’s Escape).
    • Steel Outside Steelworks - features art of the character “Steel” (John Henry Irons).  Used as the loading screen for: Mission 17 (Explosive Rain), Mission 18 (Betrayal?), and Mission 19 (Standoff at Steelworks).
    • Brainiac 13 in B13 Arena - features art of Brainiac 13, the main villain and final boss of the game.  Used as the loading screen for the final mission of the game: Mission 25 (Brainiac 13).

    Year: 2002
    Medium: Ink on DC Comics Interiors comic paper
    Image Area: 14" x 10"
    Image Source: Original
    Condition: Excellent

    Superman: Man of Steel 2002 Xbox In-Game Loading Screen Art x4

    Additional Images

    Loading Screen of Missions 17–19
    Loading Screen for Mission 25, the final boss fight
    Loading Screen for Missions 11–14

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