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  • 3D Ultra Lionel Traintown Deluxe PC Box Art

    Description: Original art piece from Mick McGinty for the Sierra Online title Lionel Traintown Deluxe. The game was the winner of the Family Computer Entertainment Game of the Year and well received. This image has not been confirmed but believed to be the final painted box image. Mick began using digital art in this era releasing his first full digital cover for Monster Bass on PS1 this same year. Signs of the painting match precisely the final cover art such as the reflection in the train windows and the rocks in the background (with varying levels of green added). Subtle changes can also be noted to the image to clean up certain areas such as the attempt to remove the arm in the upper right sky or add background train detail in the lower right. The train on the front can also be seen with one of the handles on the front of the train slightly moved from the painting, yet the train reused on the back matches the handle of the painting unmoved. Another sign this was a digital change. A second cover was released for the game which shows even further changes which also appear to be done digitally including the train rerendered and light pole changed to a beam.

    Year: 2000
    Medium: Acrylic on board
    Image Area: 12.75 x 15.5 IN
    Image Source: Original
    Condition: Very Good

    3D Ultra Lionel Traintown Deluxe PC Box Art

    Additional Images

    First Published Box Art
    First Published Box Rear Art
    Second Published Box Art
    Final Background Rocks Match Brush Strokes with some Green Added
    Painting Rocks Brush Strokes Match Final
    Painting Front Handles
    Front Right Handle moved on Final
    Rear Final Box Image Reversed and Front Train Handle Now on Left Unmoved From Painting
    Signs of Digital Removal of Arm
    Final Box Art Matching Window Reflection to Painting
    Painting Window Reflection

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    Excellent investigative work in the additional images! I think you're theory of this being the final painting (finished with digital touches and tweaks) makes sense to me. Great find!

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