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Unidentified Contra artwork?

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Does anyone know if this was an interior Nintendo Power Contra piece?

Info I have gathered so far:
There is a note from "Wendy", a Nintendo Editor @Interactive Art Collection spoke to Wendy, but it's too long ago for her to remember.
The Artist "Philip Howe" did numerous Nintendo Power covers, interiors, and guides.

It makes sense if this was used somewhere within NP or guides, but I have not stumbled upon it yet...

Contra Sketch .JPG

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  • Ibrahim_UK changed the title to Unidentified Contra artwork?

I suspect that Phil's drawings here were done based on provided in-game sprite art?

For example, here is a page from EGM previewing Contra III: Alien Wars, when it was still called Contra 4.


Found via here: https://contrapedia.wordpress.com/contra-iii-the-alien-wars-developmental-material/

Here's another image:



And looking at a quick playthrough video you'll see that "main" image at the 5:09 mark:

It is certainly possible that it was Phil Howe that designed the art that was the basis for in-game art. Who knows!

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