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Drac's night out

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Nice painting found on the facebook group.    This is one title though where I have to say its less that I'm less surprised that a collaboration between Dracula and a shoe company was cancelled, than I am surprised it got that far in the first place!

Great little painting though and I hear the game is fun too.

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On 11/12/2022 at 11:07 AM, Sanford_US said:

Its such a fun piece! I'm glad this one was turned up and saved

Anything with Dracula and Reebok pumps is fun by definition.

This might be before your time but those shoes had a little pump in the shape of an orange basketball on the tongue (you can see it in the illustration if you look closely).     You could press the pump to inflate the shoe for some extra tightness if desired.

Not sure what the FUCK that has to do with Dracula, but that's kinda the best part lol 

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I was able to work a deal out with the owner of the art.  I had always hoped to pair the original art with the prototype.  My cartridge came from a guy in the industry.  I had reached out to various people hoping for a lead to the art but no one could ever help me. Seeing the finders post was a good day for me.  Anyway, Parker Brothers prototypes typically used prototype labels, so I always found it pretty cool the artwork was used for this.  Dracs Night Out fits my collection focus perfectly, so it’s amazing to me that I was able to add the artwork to the collection and pair it with the original prototype.    



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