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If I am the first "New Member" to introduce myself, then eventually I will be the oldest "New Member".


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Hey everyone,

The niche of Original Video Game Art is fairly new to me. I realize some of you guys have been collecting OVGA for many moons. I have played video games since childhood, but had never even considered that there were artists responsible for the cover art. I got my mind blown (not so long ago) when that realization came to me. Props to those of you that had this realization years back!

I have been a part of the video game collecting world for about 5 years now. My collecting focus has changed numerous times.

I have never really had a video game collection. Sure, I own the games that I grew up with and I have bought a few here and there through the years, but collecting games have never really interested me.

I have always gone after the stuff that wasn't available for sale to the public: employee clothing, employee awards, Merchandising jackets, NWC 1990 promotional items, prototypes, and promotional signage.

You can see why this art niche is so interesting to me. This has to be the "end game" of collecting. Although my pockets aren't packed with cash, I do know how to hunt. Wish me luck!

Thanks again @Ibrahim_UK for urging me to dip my toes and buy a piece of art or 2. I'm not going back. This is it. 

Looking forward to see more of all of your art! Keep it comin'! 



Collection photo.jpg

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Welcome!  It sounds like you have collected stuff that’s just as niche as artwork.  The niche side is what keeps collecting fun for me.  You did say the word prototypes so we are on the same page there.  If you ever want to chat about those hit me up.  Original artwork though is really special.  I’m wishing you lots of luck in your search.  Your art search will be made easier once Heritage does its first video game art auction.  Maybe you will find something there.  I think it is early January 2023.  

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