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Curious how you guys would mat this artwork? Submit your opinion after using the Frame It app.

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7 minutes ago, Sanford_US said:

I'll see what I can come up with! I want to like the blue/gold concept Ibrahim but your blue there is almost totally lost 

That was sort of the point in me choosing that blue. I did not want the gold to take too much attention so wanted to ease into it by extending the blue.

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@ColemanAs you consider framing options, whether for this piece or others, keep in mind mats with colored cores.  So for example a black mat, but the inner core of the mat is a color (instead of white).  If you look at the extra photos of my Galaxy Force II you'll see that it is all single mat (black) but that the core of that mat is blue.  So I didn't do any double matting with it.

I'm sure that in general color options may be limited, but if you were to do a white mat (or a black mat) you'd probably find a variety of colored inner cores for those mats.  Blue with a yellow core would look similar to Ibrahim's image above, though I'm not sure if that combination exists. You'd need to work with you framer.

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I did decide on a color combination that I hadn't thought, but the framer pointed out could be nice! I will have my first framed piece of art (this Golden Axe piece) back sometime next week! Looking forward to share. I will state the obvious and say that there is some, but not too much GOLD.

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