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The official January Heritage game art Auction thread

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In my last correspondence with Valarie, I raised the concern about the Auction appearing as a Showcase, to which she responded.


This will either be a dedicated session for a future Signature Auction (likely January/February to ensure we have plenty of time to assemble a respectable lineup) or a standalone Signature Auction. It was scheduled as a showcase for visibility purposes only.

So that's excellent news, which also means people have more time to Consign.

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"Consign your material to be auctioned alongside these items on Thursday, December 8, 2022 in Dallas, TX. Consignment Deadline for this auction is Thursday, October 27, 2022"

So about two more months for consignment actually, that's great. More of course if it were pushed to January or February.

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3 hours ago, RetroNut said:

So, is there is a chance this auction gets pushed into early next year or is it possible there is a second auction then?

Definitely only enough material for one auction. If there is an overwhelming amount of material then a standalone video game art only signature auction would be warranted to December. If volume or quality lags a bit then video game art might get a standalone SESSION within an existing video game signature auction. That was my understanding anyway.

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