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Website Rules


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Website Rules

1. Respect Other Members

  • No flaming - Do not seek to insult or deride other members. We have zero tolerance.
  • No baiting - Do not treat people in an unkind manner.
  • No Drama - Keep the drama to an acceptable level across the boards. If you get into a huge argument with someone, try and make sure it does not publicly spill over.
  • No Harassment: Usually this is where a member will continue to message or shadow another member despite being told to stop.

2. Respect the Boards.

  • No Flooding: Defined as either posting more than five new threads in the same forum in a one-hour period without staff permission, bumping a load of dead topics which causes the previously active threads to drop off the first page, or posting repetitively in the same thread in a manner which ruins the previous subject of discussion.
  • No Advertising commercial sites or message boards without permission.
  • All posts are to be made in English.

3. Respect the Staff

  • If a mod closes a thread, or tells you to quit doing something, then please listen to them. Mods are there to help control this forum, and stop it being degraded. While what they ask for may not make sense to you, it will make sense to everyone else who want what's best for the forum. If you are unhappy with a mod, then do not make a public protest thread, but PM an admin with the complaint, and we will deal with it if necessary.
  • We will NOT accept the excuse that "it's not in the rules, so I have not broken the rules". If we warn you, it is usually for very good reason. Not every infringement can be tightly put into this rulebook; we are not legal specialists... Just use common sense, and don't seek to take the piss, and you will get on fine.

4. Banning and Warning

  • The following actions can be taken by staff depending on how badly you have infringed on the rules.
  • Official Warnings: Should be taken very seriously if you receive one. You should speak to the staff member and make sure that you do not repeat your mistake again, lest you get something more serious next time.
  • Banning: are specified at the time of being banned, and can range from 3 days, to one week, to one month, to indefinite (undetermined).
  • Permanent Banning: These are very rare. Typically, something terrible would have had to have been done to warrant this, such as a hacking/breaking attempt which devastated the boards, stalking, or various other serious illegal activities conducted over the boards.


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